Hargreaves Elsworth, Newcastle

Welcome to Hargreaves Elsworth

Welcome to Hargreaves Elsworth, the North East’s only independent Patent Attorney Practice.

Hargreaves Elsworth is an independent firm of patent attorneys based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We advise clients in relation to all areas of intellectual property law including patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and intellectual property licensing.

As an independent firm we can be flexible to our clients business needs. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, personalised and tailor made service which is competitively priced within the market.


Patent Box

The Patent Box is a proposed Government scheme allowing UK companies to reduce the amount of Corporation Tax paid in respect of profits relating to inventions protected by a UK patent or other qualifying European patent. The aim of the scheme is to encourage companies to develop and manufacture new products and processes protected by patents in the UK (and some other countries within the European Economic Area). A 10% rate of Corporation Tax will be payable on profits related to income from patented inventions.

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