Patents protect technical aspects of new products or processes. They provide a monopoly right in return for a public disclosure of the invention.

For more information please visit the UK Intellectual Property Office website.

Our professional staff are able to advise in relation to all areas of technology, be that mechanical engineering, physics, electronics, computer software, agriculture, environment, oil and gas, biotechnology, genetics or chemistry. We have particular experience in the areas of medical devices, surgical equipment, orthopaedic implants, computer software, electronics, military equipment, agricultural machinery, food processing, packaging, DNA nanowires, antimicrobial coatings, crop genetics.

We draft, file and prosecute UK, European and International patent applications direct with the UK Intellectual Property Office and European Patent Office. We are able to file and prosecute patent applications in other countries worldwide through our network of trusted foreign attorneys.

We also can advise on infringement and validity of patents, including litigation advice and support; patent licensing; opposition or revocation of granted patents; and ownership disputes.

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