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Search & Watching

What are Search & Watching Services?

Careful monitoring of intellectual property landscapes and prior art searches can give valuable intelligence on developments within your competitive segments and technological arenas. Appropriate managed IP search and watching can ensure:

  • You stay ahead of any potential infringement disputes
  • You are aware of and can respond appropriately to any competitive threats to your existing managed IP
  • You can research existing rights held by third parties as part of your own IP strategy development to ensure you are not infringing on any existing product/service or technological intellectual property before investment of time and money
Managed IP

Managed IP Searches

We carry out considered and cost-effective intellectual property searches including; patents, trade marks, copyright and design searches, all in line with your business goals and strategies.
IP searches can reveal important market intelligence in technological developments, competitor activity and IP application, abandonment and expiration statuses. Whether you need to take swift, reactive action or feed search information into a longer-term plan, a solid IP search can form the backbone of decision-making.

Searches can:

  • Inform decisions on the focus/modifications of your own inventions
  • Keep you in the loop with competitor and industry developments
  • Identify where you may be infringing others’ intellectual property rights
  • Notify you of instances where you need to invoke legal action against others


Our search services include the provision of full reports as well as sitting down with you to assess the outcomes and agree on the most suitable next course of action – whether that be the go-ahead to register a patent, the modification of an invention prior to registration or the execution of legal action to protect a business asset.

IP Watching

IP watching or monitoring allows for regular checks on market and competitor activity as part of a longer-term intellectual property strategy. We can monitor specific companies, individuals, subject fields, technologies and competitors, depending on your requirements, allowing you to stay abreast of new developments and activities that may impact your business.

Managed IP watching services allow you to monitor both old and new intellectual property, including applications and legal status, expirations and abandonments. The frequency of the assessments will be influenced by the sector and technology involved, as well as the level of competitive activity at any given moment.

Our team will log and review any search matches before taking action/notifying you of any recommended action. Using official registers we monitor for activities such as new filings & prosecutions, infringement and grants of rights – using carefully-considered search profiles based on parameters unique to your situation – often across multiple geographical territories.

Your Team

All our team members are qualified as either patent or trade mark attorneys, giving you a high-level of professionalism and delivery. Our friendly team members each carry their own specialisms and background knowledge.

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